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Monday, 28 February 2011


I love my new loom and I love weaving - its so magical to turn miles and miles of (potentially) tangly yarn into, well, fabric.  Especially when it comes off the loom so stiff and unyielding and becomes like proper cloth when its washed and dried.

This warp has created nearly 4 metres of cloth!  This is destined to become 5 cushions (1 or 2 of which will be belated Christmas presents), and three iphone holders.  I chose a charcoal grey cotton since this colour worked well with my colour choices on Margo's course, and I'm really pleased with the richness of some of the colours.

Next time, I will take (more) care to avoid threading errors - correcting errors is all very well if you happen to have a spare heddle in the right place - I had to create two new heddles from thread, which meant that two threads were permanently a little higher than the rest and sometimes got missed.  Oh well, its a learning curve...

Here is a section on the loom, a nice zigzag in recycled silk, cotton and viscose:

Here is the bundle that came off the loom, a jumble of different colours and textures

This one shows three pieces - the green twill and the multi-coloured bands are going to be iphone cosies; the trellis you can just see in the back top left corner is the end of a cushion.

I can't wait to get these sewn up and in my folksy shop - my first two sold this weekend, so I'm dead chuffed.

Now, what to weave next....



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