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Thursday, 18 February 2010

knitting needle roll

I was in need of more avoidance tactics this week, so decided that it was a good time to tackle the knitting needle roll, which helpfully took up a couple of mornings ;)

I think it's come out pretty well, I like the bold colours of the Japanese cloth and the contrast with the scarlet bias binding I used.

I started following the instructions on the wiki website I was going to use, but eventually abandoned them in favour of a few modifications that seemed to work quite well.

For a start, the piece of material I had for the outside of the roll was shorter from top to bottom than the recommended length, so I had to think quite carefully about where things should go. I settled in the end on having a foldover at the top to stop the needles from coming out when it was all rolled up.  I also created an additional pocket by finishing the lining material at the top with bias binding so that it could be used for long needles.

The ribbons were made by cutting out two lines of the rooster and finishing the edge with the bias binding - cute huh?


The individual pockets for the needles were formed by stitching at 1" intervals.  It wasn't too bad, but I did have trouble with the yellow material ruckling up underneath, so it isn't quite as neat as I would like.  Lots of room for expansion though!


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