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Monday, 24 January 2011

exciting news! (and a plea for help)

I had a quick look at my folksy hit count earlier this morning, and couldn't quite believe my eyes as one of my items (my tweedy phone holder) had jumped considerably.  I scratched my head, and had a look at the folksy featured items section (just in case) and there it was!  I'm so excited as to me it means my business has finally taken off and achieved some 'recognition' if that makes any sense.

The only problemo I have is that I have run out of the tweed and the place it came from no longer sells it - can anybody help?  Its a lightweight wool tweed with a very narrow pattern repeat, and has little yellow and orange flecks in it.  I'm obviously very keen to get my hands on some more so I can start making them again, so if you know of any, or can sell me some, I would be soooo very grateful!

Katie x


  1. I realise you want the herringbone, but if you don't manage to get any, I bet these would look nice in Harris Tweed. If you google harris tweed, there are a few sellers in Harris (?) where it comes from, who sell direct. I dont' use it myself, but I once saw on Lisa Lam's blog - she put a link there but it was ages ago.. Could have been here: http://www.harristweed.org/index.asp

  2. How brilliant to find that you are 'established'. Those phone covers are really smart. I hope you find the fabric you want, or have you thought about recycling suits from charity shops?



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