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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

a celebration of nature's bounty

The University of Nottingham has a Go Greener week this week (visit their site here), so I thought I would have a look through my photos to see what I had of stuff I've grown or made over the past year.  Here is a selection.  We have yet to try the wine, which needs a year to mature properly, but the jams and jellies have been a hit!  I made sloe, damson and wild plum gins in time for Christmas (all subtly different), and its nearly all gone now, so I'm hoping for a good crop again this year.  The sloe gin is definitely my favourite, all creamy and vanilla tasting, yum!

1. homemade and homegrown!, 2. rowan, redcurrant and crabapple jelly, 3. wild plum gin, 4. homegrown parsnips, 5. raspberry vinegar and elderberry syrup - for colds and flu, 6. rowan wine and redcurrant and raspberry wine, 7. Bums in the air, 8. glowing crabapple jelly, 9. beans saved from last year's harvest, 10. apple and ginger, raspberry, hedgerow and berry jams, 11. allotment is haven for wildlife, 12. freshly harvested strawberries and redcurrants, 13. windowsill propogation

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