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Friday, 19 March 2010

introducing tim the tiger and leo the lion

We've got two lots of friends coming over on Sunday, bringing their two little boys, Luke (3 in Sept) and Ben (2 in June).  When I found this vintage knitting pattern on the Victoria and Albert Museum site I couldn't resist - particularly as Luke is blonde and Ben is distinctly red headed.  No prizes for guessing then who's getting what!

I did the tiger first, and didn't get chance to take any pictures of the work in progress - but here are some pictures of the lion in bits before I sewed it up.

The mane was interesting - basically a loop stitch, which seemed to go on for ever and was really hard to keep neat.  It ended up looking a bit like a wig on the underside - maybe I have a new career ahead of me!?

Here is the finished lion, I think he looks kind of cute frolicking in amongst the crocuses!

Here is Tim the Tiger, having a snooze on the bench after having frightened next-door's rather macho cat, Gizmo:

And finally the two playing nicely together:

I really hope Ben and Luke love them as much as I do - thinking I may have to make a lion for myself!;o)


  1. Ahhhh!!! So cute!! I'm afraid that as soon as I saw the tiger (your tiger, not the original), my inner child screamed, "Hobbes!!!". I think it's fantastic that your tiger has such a friendly, happy expression, and the one on the pattern looks so darn stern and frowny. Bring on the catnip!

  2. yes he is a bit Hobbes like isn't he? Thanks for the lovely comment :o)

  3. Well they are indeed very cute, specially Tim.

  4. hi! I am so happy to see that you were successful making these two adorable guys :) I was wondering how did you do the underpart? I am really confused on the 18th row.
    there arent enough stitches to knit two together 8 times, are there?

  5. Hi! I knitted Tim and Leo(n) when I was pregnant with my twin daughters in 2009. Tim is green and Leon is purple :-))) Such cool patterns!



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