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Thursday, 25 March 2010

sneaky peek I: new socks

Time for a sneak peek of the new socks I just designed - my first sock pattern, so a bit scary.  I've knitted up the first one, and it seems to have worked!

I've decided to call them cakewalk socks as the textured stripe goes up and down :-)

Here is the heel, and the sock actually on:

Any feedback gratefully received... do all the elements work?

Katie xoxox


  1. It's a lovely sock - great work! I like how the ribbing at the top mirrors the slip stich patterning of the heel. If I were to make them, I would continue the leg pattern down the foot, since it seems fairly flat, but that's just how I like my socks! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Julia! Most of the socks I have knitted so far have the pattern down the foot - just thought I would try this for a change ;-) - I might offer both options for the pattern.



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