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Friday, 5 March 2010

spring is on it's sweet way

I love spring, and every year I look forward to it even more.  At the moment the first few crocuses are out in my garden, the bulbs are pushing their way through the cold earth and growing bigger and stronger day by day.  I love watching the progress of the leaves on hawthorn trees, too - they are such a zingy green when they emerge - and they are tasty too!

Here is a mosaic of what I have to look forward to - photos of flowers in the garden I took last spring - not to mention the many new bulbs we planted over the summer :o)

1. Crocus, 2. Hellebore, 3. Crocus, 4. Aquilegia, 5. Aquilegia, 6. Aquilegia, 7. Aquilegia, 8. Pink hellebore, 9. Celandine, 10. Alliums, 11. New hawthorn leaves, 12. Primrose

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