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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chair makeover

Its been a busy Easter weekend so far!  One of the projects I got stuck into was helping Robert's mum, Rosemary, to revamp a chair I had bought for her from our local auction.  Actually we bought two chairs as one lot (for the princely sum of £4), the other will need to be reupholstered... another day!  They are both very dainty Edwardian bedroom chairs.

The one that didn't need reupholstering (above) did need a new seat, and we choose twisted rush as the material.

It was quite tricky as neither of us had done it before, and the pretwisted rush had a tendency to unravel itself at the most inopportune moments... but, we were getting somewhere.
Here it is in the fairly early stages.  As the seat is wider at the front than the back we needed to do the front first, tying each length of rush to the side rail.

A bit further forward.  It got really difficult near the end as we kept having to squish the rush bands that were already on to get the next ones in the gap.

Here is the finished (bar neatening up when dry) article!

It's probably not what you would call a *professional* finish, but pretty good for a first attempt we reckon - certainly it is now a functioning chair, just right for an old bear :-)

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