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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Patchwork quilt progress report

Just thought I would post some pics of the first section of my patchwork quilt, as I managed to get the whole top portion of it finished last night.  Sorry if the pics are a bit crummy, the light isn't very good in the bedroom - I'll try and take some better ones at the weekend.

The structure of the whole quilt will be the same throughout - 9 sections of three 6 cm 60 degree diamonds fitted together, but the pattern will change in each section.  This one is tumbling boxes:

I have all the material cut for this section now, and have been stolidly sewing the pieces around stiff paper on the train to work - I tried machine sewing pieces together, but it was actually less stressful to hand sew the lot...

I blogged about the fabric I received for some of the other sections yesterday, but here is one I got a while back.  I only bought a small piece because it was *very* expensive (gulp), but hopefully I can work it in somewhere.  It reminds me of Japanese kimonos.

Happy sewing!

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  1. That's a great design to use with the fabric: tumbling dots, I love it.



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