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Monday, 12 April 2010

Weekend sewing

It was a good weekend, this weekend, lots of time in the garden, and an equal amount of time at the sewing machine.

This is what I came up with for my swap item - a passport holder/cover in Amy Butler's Martini fabric.

And the inside:

Hopefully the recipient will like it!  I have still had no takers for my part of the swap - so if you fancy receiving some random crafty goodness (you only have to make one item to send off) then please contact me.  It would be a nice to keep the thing going :-)

I made a couple of other passport covers too, one for me (the trial version) in my japanese rooster and tulips fabric:

And another in the reverse colorway of the Amy Butler material, which is destined for my Etsy shop.

The other job I managed to get done, which has been hanging around for a while, was to make a bag to transport my clothes in to work (I cycle part of the way).  I had been using cotton shop bags, but wanted something a bit more personal and a bit more cheerful to hang up in my office.  I got some lovely striped material from John Lewis:

And simply made a lined version of the bag I had been using - much prettier though :-)

And with the rather dramatic black lining:

All in all, a good weekend I think!


  1. Hey Katie, just wanted to thank you for the passport cover, was chuffed to bits, shall blog about it later and link back to you!! was such a lovely surprise getting in from work today to a mystery package :)

    absolutely love it, best wishes xx

  2. http://jelliebean76.blogspot.com/

    linked back to you!

  3. Hi Kellie,

    Glad you like it :-), now just need to sign some folks up to participate...



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