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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

loom update

Well, I've taken the plunge and accepted... so will be taking delivery of the loom within the next couple of weeks - thanks Joan and Steve!  Really looking forward to getting my teeth into sorting it out and having a go.  My mum just gave me a book about it, so have been scaring myself half to death!

Will post more photos once the loom has arrived :-)


  1. I'm sure you will enjoy the challenge. The little table loom I got from Camarthen market a few years ago was a total wreck, it was so much fun sourcing all the bits and getting it working. Will be checking your blog for updates!

  2. I had a huge floor loom many years ago, and later a slightly smaller but newer one. Sadly I had to give it away when I no longer had the space or energy to use it.
    It's a lot of hard work but so rewarding to be able to make large projects. I have 2 very small rigid heddle looms now and make scarves and occasional wall hangings, and fabric to use for bags.
    Good luck with it, there are good books to be found to help you with threading it up etc.



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