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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fabric delivery

Just received my next lot of fabric for the patchwork quilt I'm making.  I'm making it in 9 sections, with a border in between them all.  One of sections uses the Amy Butler Martini fabric I used for the passport covers I blogged yesterday, along with a soft solid green oxford cotton.

These are the fabrics I received today:

Two by Alexander Henry:

This one is Spotted owl and I think is my favourite.

Then there is Starling:

And finally Charm Bracelet Flowers by Windham Fabrics:

Not sure if I will use them all together yet, or mix them with more solid colour fabrics.  Excited though!


  1. Those are really gorgeous fabrics, I couldnt choose between the owls and the starlings, both fab!

  2. looking forward to using them, need to go and find some solid colours to complement though first though. Any excuse...



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