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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

weaving loom - to go for or not to go for?

As some of you may know I have signed up to do a weaving course with the magnificent Margo Selby down in London later this year.  As luck would have it, I managed to buy a couple of small table looms from my local auction room (I know, serendipity or what?).  One is a simple plainweave loom which I plan to pass on somehow.

The other is more interesting.  Needs a bit of work doing to it to get it workable, but should be ok.  Its a four shaft table loom, not sure who by as the label has disappeared.

Ok, so the serendipity keeps on going... we got a phonecall from a friend saying that they had a loom in the garage which had been sitting there for years and hadn't been used in all that time and would I like it.  So, question is, do I take them up on their incredibly kind and generous offer?

The loom is a six shaft floor loom, measures about 4ft by 3ft and appears to have all if not most of the bits there.

I know it all needs a good clean and a certain amount of reassembly.  But I would appreciate some advice as to whether this would be a good thing to go for?


  1. I have a few different table looms from when I did a lot of weaving. A four shaft loom is good as a start, there is a fab book by John Tovey which gives lots of different ways of warping the loom to get different patterns.
    The six shaft is unusual as shafts usually run in multiples of four, but i'm sure Margot can advise. It does look like it needs a refurb, being as 4 shart yable loom just looks like it needs new healds where you thread the warp).
    Hope this helps x

  2. That 4-shaft table loom is similar to mine, but not the same. It does look as if it will need replacement heddles, and possibly a new reed if it's very rusty (or it will catch on your warp yarn - bad!)

    As for the floor loom - why not? Do you have space to store it? Do you have time to devote to refurbishing it? If you got partway through the project and it was too much for you, how would your friends feel about you passing it on? I suppose I feel that if there is no real cost or obligation involved, and you have the space to house it, there's no reason not to go for it! :D

  3. Wow! I couldn't even imagine taking that up. It must be so complicated!

  4. looks like a great project! I cannot resist a loom so I would say yes!

  5. I have three floor looms and two drum carders in my home right now. And since I started doing weaving and knitting, I just can't get enough! Just like you, I also started enrolling to a weaving course and at first, I thought it was hard. But after several projects, I got used to it and I now love it! I hope you still go for that weaving class, girl!



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